2020 List of Projects in “Project Exercise D and E” for 5-6 semesters’ students

A02: Application development project that explains how to cook using a tablet device according to the cooking procedure

Contact with others is being discouraged by the coronavirus, and contactless work, such as remote work and online classes, is becoming the norm. Cooking classes are no exception and must be done online. This time it shall support the class to learn from the teacher’s example, even in its cooking class.
This project aims to compensate for the incomprehensible parts of the usual online classroom using a tablet device. Also, the use of animation makes it easy to understand, even for those who are not good at cooking.

A03: Exercise promotion and business assistance system development project with shoe devices for fitness clubs

This is a project with a fitness club as a client. Specifically, this is a project to develop a shoe-type device and a smartphone app system to promote the exercise of members online and provide information to instructors.

A05: Work management system development project for long-term care staff

This is a project to support wandering measures and business record management in long-term care facilities. This project consists of a website and a pedometer-type device for wandering countermeasures. The website manages each business record, making it easier to enter and view than conventional paper records. The pedometer-type device is designed so that when the care recipient who wears it moves out of the facility for a certain amount of time, an email notifying the wandering is sent to the tablet of the facility. In addition, the step count data recorded by the pedometer function is sent to the website and can be viewed there.

A07: An application development project that fosters programming thinking through train games

Project background
In recent years, the number of situations where programming thinking is required is increasing, and programming education in elementary schools is scheduled to become compulsory.

Purpose of the project
It is difficult for children to suddenly learn programming thinking. So we want to create a train game so that you can have fun learning programming thinking while playing.

Project goals

  1. Create an application that allows you to acquire programming thinking (decomposition, abstraction, generalization, combination).
  2. Design a kind UI that is easy for anyone to use.
  3. Develop an application that allows you to learn naturally while playing.

Game description
It is a game where you can learn programming thinking while arranging rails and running a train.

– Method of operation
↑↓←→key・・・Viewpoint movement
Click and drag・・・Rotation
1key・・・View from above
Ekey・・・Straight rail
Dkey+RorTorYorUorForGorHorJ・・・Curved rail
Ckey+RorTorYorUorForGorHorJ・・・ Divergence rail
Nkey・・・Railroad crossing

-Mode description
Simulation: This mode is for practicing arranging rails.
Challenge: It is a mode to challenge problems in line with the following programming thinking; “permutation”, “divergence”, and “repetition. (There are the above three issues.)
If you use the wrong rail, the game is over.

Development environment

  • Unity
  • C#
  • blender

A08: Using GIS for the Chigasaki City Digital Signage Systems Development Project

As part of the project to strengthen local information dissemination by Chigasaki City, traceability is applied to agricultural, livestock, and seafood products from the city, which are visualized using GIS.
Install digital signage in restaurants handling local products to citizen’s increase public interest in food, to utilizing locally produced and consumed.
This project aims to disseminate local product information using digital signage.

A10: Travel web sites specializing in COVID-19 infection risk

Our project is aimed at those who want to travel but do not know the status of new coronavirus infection countermeasures at their travel destination or the number of new coronavirus infections. In order to solve these problems, it is easy to understand what the new coronavirus countermeasures at the travel destination are doing and what is the number of people infected with the new coronavirus at the travel destination, It is a website to help you.

A11: Kamakura City Tourism Support and real-life anime location visiting project

It is an application designed for sightseeing in Kamakura city.

A12: A project to develop a shoplifting crime prevention system using video images for the purpose of a retail store toward a security company

In recent years, there have been many cases of shoplifting in retail stores.
Although it is becoming more of a phenomenon than in the past. According to the Metropolitan Police Department report, there were 108,009 cases of shoplifting in fiscal year 2018, with shoplifting has become a serious affair.
From these risks, as a measure to protect the store, the there are security cameras.
We use its security cameras to develop a system for detecting the behavioral patterns and suspicious behavior of shoplifters.

A14: Lateness Risk Reduction Support Application Development Project for Students

Enable alarm setting and route search with one setting.
Users can reduce the risk of being late, such as making mistakes in checking trains or setting alarms, with managing attendance for improving awareness of being late.