A03 Body Extension Content using Virtual Shadow and Bio-metric Information


Project Manager: Natsumi Kobayashi
Programmer:  Natsumi Kobayashi, Yuya Kuwana, Kisho Okuzawa
Designer: Toko Harayama, Riku Miyamoto
Document: Misaki Masuda


Content & Background

This project makes available “Body Extension” experience by using shadow for everyone who is healthy or disabled for experience.
Using Kinect, recognize people and generate shadows ; arduino captures some myoelectric potential and some pulses, to expand the body by Unity. Thereby, people with physical disabilities in the  body and healthy people alike can experience “Body Extension” by shadow.



Making experience  situations available by “Body Extension” by using shadow this is not influenced by individual physique and physical ability.



◾Making contents which people can enjoy fairness and isn’t influenced by individual physique and physical ability.
◾Have everyone experience “Body Extension” by shadow.


Development Environment

Game Engine: Unity
Language: C#, Ruby
Framework: Ruby on rails
Database: postgreSQL
Server: AWS, heroku
Virtual Environment: docker
Device: kinect,arduino, web camera, googleHome
Tool: github