2018 List of Projects in “Seminar A and B” for 5-6 semesters’ students

2018 List of Projects for 5/6 semesters


ID Title
A01 Project for Developing Programming Education Support System by using Music for Elementally School Teachers
A02 Project for Education Support  System for Developing Programmatic Thinking for Elementally School Students
A03 Project for Developing Body Extension Content using Virtual Shadow and Bio-metric Information
A04 Developing Recipe Retrieving Web Application for Food Material Management by using Voice Recognition
A05 Project for Developing Non-verbal Communication Availability by using Body Functions and Gestures
A06 Project for Developing Space Globe for Learning Heavenly Body
A07 Developing a Education Support Application
A08 Project for Developing an Application to be Virtual Characters
A09 Project for Developing Web site of Regional Chamber of Commerce
A10 Project for Developing Bird Damage Countermeasure Support System by Drone of Local Government
A11 Project for Developing a  Congestion Information Sharing System for Event Spaces
A12 Project for Developing an Application for Preventing Lost and Found by using BLE RFID Tag
A13 Project for Developing a System for Support Corporate Health Achievement
A14 Project for Developing an Application for Supporting Infants Development by using Colors and Musics
A15 Project for Developing a Novel Shogi Game by Combing Quiz
A16 Project for Developing an Application for Supporting Ideal Shape-up of Training Users’