2021 List of Projects in “Project Exercise D and E” for 5-6 semesters’ students

A01: Developing stereophonic sound system based on the natural resources of “100 Soundscapes of Japan”

In 1996, the Ministry of the Environment (at that time, the Environment Agency) publicly solicited an environment (soundscape) where people can hear sounds that people cherish as a symbol of the region and want to keep in the future. “100 selections of Japanese soundscapes that I want to keep” was selected as “things that are recognized as having particular significance in preserving the environment.” It’s been 25 years since then. Sound has become familiar due to the development of various technologies. Isn’t it possible to take a new approach as “listening tourism” as well as keeping the “100 Soundscapes of Japan” as a tradition and symbol of the town? This project is “preservation” to leave biodiversity to the next generation and “sightseeing” that makes use of the soundscape from the viewpoint of soundscape. Sound “preservation” x “sightseeing” These two themes are the basis of the project.

A02: Developing system for cracking down on efficiently the illegal parking system for security companies

Do you know “Green uncles”? They work to crack down on illegal parking cars called “parking warden”. In this project, we develop an Android app and its management website system to make their job “easy” and “accurate.” This system uses Google Vision, Hasura, and so on.

A03: Clothes purchase assistance system development project on the Web

This project aims to create a system that allows users to create avatars and change their clothes on the website.
This system is intended for use on clothing mail order sites. The user creates an avatar that looks like him and puts on the product. This makes it a system that allows users to try on in a pseudo manner on the website.

A04: Pesticide spraying support system developing project based on drone

In agriculture, drones have been used to spray pesticides in recent years. With conventional pesticide spraying, it takes time to detect pests and diseases. Therefore, in order to support pesticide spraying, we will create a system that uses drones to detect diseases, identify the type of disease, and make it easier to spray pesticides with pinpoint accuracy. By doing so, we can reduce the labor to find diseases and the cost of pesticides.

A05: Web application development project for self-analysis assistance on “carrier passport”

A tool for career development education, called “career passport” was added to the new course by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan (MEXT), 2020. We aim to digitize the tool with a promotion, called “GIGA school plan”, by MEXT. Our purpose to develop the Web application is to reduce teacher’s burden by digitizing students’ “career passport” and visualizing their grade score sheets. In addition, this Web application is not only analyzing whether each description on “career passport” is positive or negative but also providing books and occupational information according to each student demand.

A06: Project to develop an electronic album system using face recognition technology for kindergartens

It is a system that allows you to digitize your photos and manage them on the site.
The system is also designed to run image recognition when you upload your photos, so that you can categorize them properly, which not only makes it easier to manage your photos, but also allows you to clearly sense the photos you need. It is also designed to take into account the aspect ratio and allows you to crop the photos in square.

A07: Developing Evacuation map Using SNS for Chigasaki City

This is a project to develop a system for Chigasaki city to warn people about heavy rain and flooding. The system extracts information about rainfall from Twitter posts and creates a map of Chigasaki. In addition, we will produce a computer-generated video showing the damage caused by flooding and overflowing rivers according to the amount of rainfall. This project is to develop a web site that brings these together.

A08: New facial expression recognition communication development project

This project was started with the aim of making it easier for unskilled people to communicate by developing new means of communication using facial expressions in addition to sign language and lip reading for the hearing impaired. It’s a website, not an app, so you don’t have to download it and everyone can enjoy communicating.

A09: Development of a food diversity check application

In recent years, the word vegan has become popular all around the world.
We want to know about Japanese food people from overseas. However, we wanted to contribute to people who cannot eat due to cultural differences, and for that reason we developed this project so that anyone can easily identify the products that can be eaten.
By using this application, the users who assume supermarket clerks can play an active role when foreigners come to Japan.

A11: Development of a Congestion Monitoring System Using Image Recognition for a Theme Park

It’s not just attractions that have lines at theme parks. There are also lines at restaurants and rest rooms. To reduce congestion and disperse customers, we will promote the visualization of restrooms. Therefore, we can use image recognition based on information from surveillance cameras to determine crowded conditions, and communicate crowded conditions on a web page to guide people to available restrooms.

A12: developing a website to match people who want to teach games with those who want to be taught

It is said that there are 130 million e-sports players in the world today, and 3.6 million in Japan. We decided on this project in order to increase the number of people playing eSports and make eSports more popular.
Also, with the current situation where people have to refrain from going out due to the COVID-19 disaster, we thought that the content of e-sports would prevent people from going out unnecessarily.

A13: A project to recommend books in unspecified words using a morphological analysis system from the text of a book

The contents of the book can be extracted from the book without the copyright of the Aozora Bunko, sentences are separated into clauses by a morpheme analysis system, vector quantified using word2vec in the words of each clause, placing emotions at the center of the vector, and using intuitive words without being bound by classification according to the contents of existing novels. We created a site that introduces recommended books from those similar to those that multiply the numbers that vectorize words entered from those vectors.

A14: Cyber Crime Prevention Education System Development Project for Small and Medium Enterprises

This is a project to develop a system to simulate cyber attacks at lectures and seminars related to information security and cyber crime prevention.
The assumed client is the Kanagawa Prefectural Police. The Kanagawa Prefectural Police holds lectures and public awareness activities for small and medium-sized companies under the framework of the “Kanagawa Corporate Cyber Security Measures Public-Private Joint Project”, and the main purpose of this project is to be used in such situations.
The contents can be roughly divided into two categories. There are two main contents: targeted cyber attacks and simulated information leakage. Targeted attacks, which are the main part of the program, have been ranked high in recent years in the “Ten Major Threats to Information Security” published by the IPA.
The course starts with learning what a targeted attack email is, and then users can actually experience a targeted attack email through virtual emails for each industry. The virtual e-mails are created by gathering information from RSS feeds such as news, so the experience can be tailored to the trends.
As a simulated experience of information leakage, it is possible to experience the leakage of location information by linking the web and Android applications.
The use of this system is expected to increase user satisfaction at lectures and seminars related to information security and cyber crime prevention.

A15: Revitalize the community based on AR face cutout

Many shops link it at the same time to be dotted with a lot of history things in Kamakura. However, under the influence of new coronavirus, the tourist has recorded lowest 60% decrease in the past.

Therefore, we are aiming to increase the number of tourists by receiving a request from the Kamakura City Tourism Association to create a camera app that will be memorable for one to a small number of people even in this situation where the corona is over.

The background of the Face cutout panel selected from among several camera apps is posted on SNS and easily spread.

And anyone can enjoy watching it. In fact, more than 27,000 photos of the Face cutout panel have been posted on Instagram.

The Face cutout panel is currently banned, and very few tourists currently visiting cannot enjoy the Face cutout panel.

This project uses this app and aims to revitalize the region by increasing the number of tourists from the response of SNS without being affected by coronavirus infection as much as possible.