LG Topics

LG Topicsは、文教大学の学生のためだけに書かれたTopicsです。

LG Lunch Chatの話題や授業の教材として利用する目的で提供されています。



LG 2021.02.05 A best season for potato chips?/Not “Chabako,”Chabacco
LG 2021.01.29  Valentine’s “Kamaboko”/Valentine’s “Ramen”
LG 2021.01.22  Valentine’s “yokan”/Cute”daikon oroshi”
LG 2021.01.15 “Akabeko” lucky red cows/New”nabe” hotpot pots
LG 2021.01.08  “Hatsu-seri”(first action)news/Apple-picking robot
LG 2020.12.18  Dassai milkshake/Banana jeans
LG 2020.12.11 “Dashi” drink from Coca cola/A “gachapon” for pearls??
LG 2020.12.04 The best garlic dish in the world/Super Nintendo World  at USJ
LG 2020.11.27  Pot-baked sweet potatoes/Strawberry Vinegar
LG 2020.11.20 “Nekojita”coffee cup/Expensive face masks
LG 2020.11.13 Almond milk/Damon Slayer tourism
LG 2020.11.06 Unusual vending machines/Women making Shochu
LG 2020.10.30 Craft cola/Magic prez
LG 2020.10.23 Fukushima pudding/Curry plate art
LG 2020.10.16 Christmas cake from Kyoto/ANA’s A380 Flying Honu
LG 2020.10.09 Go to Eat Campaign/A good year for matsutake?
LG 2020.10.02 “Kani”crab burgers/It’s sweet potato season
LG 2020.09.26 Make bears run away/New soy bean yogurt
LG 2020.09.18 Excercise during Covid-19/New ramen at 天下一品(Tenkaippin)
LG 2020.09.11 Counry Ma’am in Tokyo/Spicy for fall
LG 2020.09.04 “Kaitenzushi”at home/A garden with an”unkai”sea of clouds
LG 2020.08.28 Cup okonomiyaki by Nissin / What “uni” sea urchins eat
LG 2020.08.21 Let’s stay at an “oshiro” castle! / “Ayu” and eyesight
LG 2020.08.07 Let’s collect railway stamps! / Curry from Japan to India
LG 2020.07.31 A store for the latest products / Raising seahorses
LG 2020.07.24 Better hand sanitizer / Hokusai Calbee
LG 2020.07.17 All-you-can-eat peaches and melon / Go To discount travel
LG 2020.07.10 Gray notebooks by Kokuyo / The next big thing lemonade
LG 2020.07.03 Good neighbor cat / Just like unagi eel)
LG 2020.06.26 TDL and TDS are back / Starbucks Japan signing store
LG 2020.06.19 Iki Mickey / Where is oatmeal
LG 2020.06.12 Kakigori shaved ice cream / Castella sponge cake from Taiwan
LG 2020.06.05 Big fries; big ice cream / The third Sunday of June
LG 2020.06.01 Fish Feelings / Japan’s “Kounotori” spacecraft
LG 2020.05.25 Face masks / New hand-held electric fan
LG 2020.05.18 “Hyoutan Age” from Sendai / A new way to wash rice