About the Language Garden(外国語学習ラウンジとは)

Welcome to the Language Garden!!

The Language Garden is a place where students can learn foreign languages with fun through watching DVDs, reading books or chatting with teachers and friends. We also have seasonal events such as Halloween party and Christmas party!

Language Gardenは、DVDを見たり、本を読んだり、先生や友達とお喋りしたりしながら、楽しく外国語を学習できる場所です。


Open Hours

9:00 to 18:30 (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday)
9:00 to 17:00 (Tuesday)
10:30 to 18:30 (Friday)

Subject to change according to campus schedule
(Following the University COVID-19 health directives, we will open as soon as it is safe to do so.)


Global Room, 3F, Educational Building
教育研究棟3F グローバルルーム 内


The Language Garden has about 1,000 DVDS!

The Language Garden has plenty of DVDs and those are divided into categories. For example, Hollywood movies (of course we have many of them!), TV drama series and animation etc. Since you can watch DVDs with English sound and English subtitle, it is going to be good practice to improve your listening skill. Moreover, we have not only English movies, but also Spanish movies, French movies, Korean movies, German movies and so on. You can also learn some foreign languages here!

Language Gardenには、映画や、TVドラマ、アニメ等、1,000本以上のDVDがあります。好きな時間に、英語音声・英語字幕付きで鑑賞することが出来ます。また、英語のDVDだけではなく、他の外国語 (韓国語やスペイン語等) のDVDもあります。

The Language Garden has about 2,500 books.

There are many Graded Readers (you might read for your class as an assignment.) with some genres (romance, comedy, history etc…). Not only “Graded Readers”, but also there are essays, novels, magazines and comic books. Comic books are easily accessible to you with pictures. Let’s try to read them!

Language Gardenには、2500冊を超える本があります。英語学習者向けに作られた”Graded Readers” をはじめ、マンガ、小説等も揃っています。

Other materials

The Language Garden has other kinds of materials.

  • NHK materials “Radio English Conversation” and “English Conversation Time Trial”. Every month, we get the latest versions of these materials. You can borrow them for 1 week.
  • You can find other materials in the Language Garden. For example, there are some flash cards on the desk, board games like “Scrable” and card games, or a sheet of useful expressions. You can play them with your friends anytime.

Language Gardenには、上記の教材以外もありますので、是非ご活用ください。

  • NHKラジオ教材『ラジオ英会話』・『英会話タイムトライアル』を取り扱っております。 これらの教材は、貸し出ししています。
  • その他にも、フラッシュカードやゲーム類、会話表現シート等色々あるので、探してみてください。